How to track must-have keywords in meeting conversations?

Proposed Solution

What is a Mandatory or must-haveTracker?

Once you have nailed your Sales/CS processes, every leader's next big task is to replicate them uniformly across teams.

An easy way to implement this is to create a simple list of the Mandatory Trackers you want to track in chronological order.

What can I do with Mandatory Trackers?

If you wish to track whether the meeting flow was A > B > C, create a mandatory tracker and check if that happened. It is best suited when you have a process and want to check whether your team followed it. For example Discovery > Demo > Pricing

Track it across your teams' meetings, and check for discrepancies. Do this both at a macro and micro level. Why?

Of course, Macro-level analysis helps you see how the processes are followed and forecast your projections. But, doing root-cause analysis at the micro-level can help you find coaching opportunities or early indications of changing buying behavior which you surely don't want to miss.

How to add keywords?

1. Go to Add Trackers after clicking on Account Setup.

2. On the Keywords page, click on Add Trackers button

3. Enter the Keyword name and Select Keyword type as Mandatory

4. A new text-field named Order will be shown. Select the expected chronological order of the appearance of this keyword.

For eg. If the keyword 'Problem' should come before 'Solution', Order of 'Problem' is 1 and 'Solution' is 2

5. Add the tags or words that corelate with this tag. This helps has find the keywords better.

That's it.

Once the keywords are added, we process your last 25 recordings for data.

The result will be shown in the keywords tab of the recording as below

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