What permissions does MeetRecord request for Google Meet Integration?

Proposed Solution

MeetRecord requires the following permissions to generate recordings and analytics:

1. View your user details including email

To get your name, email and profile image.

2. Read Google Calendar events

To get your meeting schedule and participants information.

Details like Meeting topic, Meeting time, participants’ info (name, email, joining time), will be synced with MeetRecord. This helps to calculate important sales metrics like participant engagement, etc.

3. Read your Google Drives files and file metadata

Google saves the meeting recordings in Google Drive in the “Meet Recordings” folder. The recordings in this “Meet Recordings” folder are synced with your MeetRecord account. These meetings are analyzed for business analytics – like engagement score, competitor mentions, feature mentions, etc. You can also share part of the recording and analytics data securely.


All data is transferred and stored securely using HTTPS and strong encryption.


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